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Happy Mother’s Day!

Enjoy some photos of my favorite mothers. These women are strong, smart, committed, lovely, hard-working, caring, tough-as-nails, soft, and beautiful. I cannot say how much each one of them has impacted my life.

Whether mom, wife, daughter or friend, they are all one thing: Amazing

Had a wonderful brunch date with my wife on our day off. Our schedules are rarely in sync, so it was like a mini vacation. Went to the White Wolf Cafe, Rock and Roll Heaven then stepped into Boom-Art for a bit.

My wife is playing Diablo with our son. She is such a good mommy.

My wife is funny

Playing Castles of Burgundy while listening to Burlap to Cashmere and eating hot tamales while drinking tea. It was a great night.

Thankful for skilled Doctors and the Lord’s Healing

Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights;
—James 1:17 HCSB

I am sitting here listening to my wife sleep. She just came from surgery that will have healed her from terrible pain that inflicted her 3 weeks out of every month. At times, great and debilitating pain. 

She has suffered through this pain thinking and feeling broken and hopeless. However, thanks to skilled Doctors and nurses, and especially thanks to Our Heavenly Father, she will be healed from that suffering. 

Praise God!

My wife loves me. 

I only cheat after midnight.

My wife after a five hour game of Talisman.

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