The Results Are In!

After a relaxing start, getting everyone together, setting up drinks and ordering pizza, we went over a practice game to a few new players. With that we started.

In the first round, I played against my daughter Jaden. She is incredible fun to play with, always has a great attitude. Even when I smear her with a 2-0 streak. Next victim please.

Next, up I played Thomas. In the first game of the match, he was able to get a solid win on me. I blame a poor choice on my end for not performing a mulligan. The second game of the match was glorious (from my point of view.) Thomas had to mulligan (twice, I think!), therefore started a bit weaker. I was able to play Act of Treason at a key point in the game and deal a 16 point blow. Thomas was unable to recover. The third game in the match was close, but Thomas played a better game. In that game, I made a mistake in blocking a creature that I didn’t need to, leading to making my battlefield a bit thinner. Thomas out played me.

From there I played my wife. I know her style of play. She likes big nasty creatures so I had to beat her quick. On the first round, I did just that; she wasn’t able to get out creatures as fast as I did. However, on the following turns, my refusal to mulligan, lead to me a slower game. She decimated twice. I lost so fast, we were able to throw in another game for funsies.

I had a great day of gaming with friends. I wish I took more pictures during the day.

The Standings

As you can see Thomas was victorious. For winning the draft, he won 6 booster packs. 2nd and 3rd places also scored some booster packs. After Collin did a quick look online, Thomas’ winnings more than paid for his entry fee for the draft. Win-win!

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