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About Us

We like playing games. Party games, Eurogames, and war board games! Don’t know what I am talking about? It is okay, we will teach you.

There are about 8 of us that play on a psuedo-regular basis on Friday nights. We are an easy-going, cool group of people that are awesome to be around. Promise.

Chat With Us!

Want to know when and where we are gaming? We use our Stanley Gaming BGG Guild to chat throughout the week on when the next gaming event will be.

Fridays are usually open for gaming, with a few Thursdays and Saturdays as well.

Hex and Counters more your thing?

If you love ASL, SPI, OSC, MMP, GMT or Avalon Hill, you might have found your place at the Stanley Gaming Guild.

Still interested? Check out our Orlando War Gamers BGG Guild.